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SPECIAL FEATURE: Dark Horse Espresso

#416, the T-dot, The 6ix, #WeTheNorth, whatever you know Toronto as, it's a city full of life and flavour. I find myself enjoying these visits more and more to Toronto. I  hope to bring some attention to the cookie market in the T-dot. This cookie was unfortunately disappointing as compared to my last visit to the T-dot.

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Alright. This one really takes the cake, or the cookie. I can't remember the last time that I've ordered an actual sub from Subway. Literally it may have been up to 10 years. I hate the idea, I'll make a better sandwich at home, thanks! But those cookies, DAMN!

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Premier Moisson

Location: Premier Moisson (across Quebec, one at the University of Ottawa) Photo: Cookie: triple chocolate & pecan Price (before taxes): 1.95 + (wins) - good price for size -lots of chunks of chocolate, substantial texture - (losses) -too big (I got an ache from eating it with my hat on!) -over-powering sweet taste -pecan wasn't noticeable Score ( /10): 7 Other Comments: I have to make a comment about the branding. I have noticed this for a while that not all of the bags have the brand/ logo on the front. I find this very strange for a chain, and since they brand almost every other product in their stores.

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SPECIAL FEATURE: Toronto's Jimmy's Coffee

Location: Jimmy's Coffee (small, popular coffee shop chain in Toronto, 8 locations. I went to Kensington Market location) Photo: Cookie: *Cowboy Cookie (I thought previously that it was called the Pirate Cookie): chocolate, pretzel, toffee or caramel and a hint of salt. The guy didn't know exactly what was in it. Price (before taxes): 2.38 + (wins) -texture (somewhere between an oatmeal cookie and a chewy chocolate chip cookie)-nice finishing flavour of a hint of salt/ toffee - (losses) - chocolate slightly bitter-pretzel bit on top was stale-too big to finish in one sitting Score ( /10): 6 Other Comments: I loved the location! It was cute and quaint. Clearly a crowd-favourite.

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Le Petit Dep

Today I stopped into the cute and quaint spot called Le Petit Dep. I had never been to the one located in the Carrefour Laval but that's where I was today. I was actually so cute and they have a very nice seating set up outside the shop. Very nice ambiance for a mall location.

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