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Tim Horton's

Checking out all possible places to buy a cookie in Montreal. From big chains, to small cafes, I will try them all.  Here I stopped into the iconic Canadian chain, Tim Horton's. I actually stopped into one of the chains in the Calgary airport. Not sure if that makes a difference but here are my thoughts...

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Location: McDonald's (worldwide) Photo: Cookie: chocolate chip Price (before taxes): 0.99 + (wins) - inexpensive - fun shape (heart-shaped anything is fun to eat)-size, not too big - (losses) -edges too crisp-chocolate tasted stale, low-quality, unsweetened (no natural chocolate taste)-stiff texture Score ( /10): 3 Other Comments: Other than the charm of eating a heart-shaped cookie, there was nothing that would make me buy this cookie again. Go for another pastery: muffin or danish...

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Van Houtte Café

 This was my very first review. I am often in this location, located at Quartier Dix30 (Brossard), as I charge my electric vehicle there. I have to say, all products aside, the service is always very pleasant when I am there! 

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