Coconut-Mint Infused Basa & Kale

This one was super improptu and turned out wonderfully. I think the secret was in the coconut oil. It was a nice sweetness with the fresh mint flavour and the kale was a great partner to the basa fish. Ingredients are underlined.

coconut-mint basa and kale

Prep time: 5 minutes (excluding thawing time)

Cook time: 12-15 minutes

  1. Thaw basa filets (or other light meat fish) overnight in the fridge.
  2. Preheat oven to 425 degrees Farenheit.
  3. Lay out sprigs of fresh mint and small dollops of coconut oil on a foil-lined pan.
  4. Lay out some rinsed kale on top of the mint and coconut oil.
  5. Place the thawed/ dried basa fillets on top of all the greens, sprinkle with salt and pepper, as desired.
  6. Bake the fillets for approx. 7 minutes in oven (medium rack).
  7. Turn over the fillets to cook the other side (you can also place them on the top rack for a crispier bake. Bake for another 5 minutes.
  8. Remove and serve topped with a light cottage cheese or dollop of sour cream.
  9. Um, yum!

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