Très Flavoured Eats: An Introduction

Where My Flavour Palette Comes From:
  • I am originally from Calgary, Canada.
  • My dad is Jamaican and that gives me the tolerance to eat spicy food.
  • I worked for about 2 years in an Indian restaurant, which got me curious and interested in flavour and spices.
  • I was a primary school teacher for 5 years, which taught me some pretty decent personal skills. Patience, working in groups, being objective, etc.
  • I lived and taught in Havana, Cuba, which helped me develop and inspire my creativity in the kitchen.

Where My Inspiration For Sharing These Recipes Comes From:

  • My approach to cooking and making my meals is not fancy. I will be sharing simple, yet flavourful ideas.
  • I am not a "good cook" but I do have an appreciation for flavours and can get pretty creative with them.
  • I love food for the enjoyment of it, but also what it does for human beings. We are connected and divided through food and food preferences. I love this and want to share this.
Basically that's it. I will be as succinct as possible, try and post as often as possible and hopefully post some interesting content for you. PLEASE let me know how you find this blog. Would love to have your thoughts!


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