Très Flavoured Flavours

Each of our cookie flavours offers something unique and different. 
Spicy, colourful or packed wild and exotic spices: each of our cookies, you're sure to experience something exciting! 

 AROYAL DELIGHT *vegan* (Thai inspired):

This is the famous Très Flavoured vegan cookie. It contains a harmonious blend of candied tamarind, natural coconut flakes and exotic Thai spices. Bet you've never tried lemongrass in a cookie.

This cookies is perhaps the most FLAVOURFUL, un-vegan tasting vegan cookie you have/ will ever taste.


Tangy & sweet. 

"From C2C" (Canadian inspired): 

This Très Flavoured cookie is packed with a truly Canadian mix of ingredients. real 100% Canadian maple syrup, chunks of handmade maple fudge & Nanaimo bars and topped off with some other Canadian delicacies, if you choose. This cookie was created to support Canadian charities & organizations in need during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Full of Canadian goodness!

"From C2C" Le Classic Canadian inspired cookie

GINJA SPICE (Chinese inspired): 

This Très Flavoured cookie is packed with candied ginger, a bold & peppery blend of Chinese spices, and is finished with a hint of real orange zest. This cookie flavour lies somewhere between comforting and bold-tasting, we haven't quite decided yet!

Gingery & bold.

GREEN ZENVY (Japanese inspired): 

This Très Flavoured cookie is created with 100% Japanese organic matcha powder and sweet dried strawberries. We took the matcha game up to a whole new level!

Sweet & smooth.

MIGHTY MAYAN (Mexican inspired):

This Très Flavoured cookie contains a bold blend of Mexican dark chocolate, cinnamon and the heat from cayenne pepper. It is, after all, the Mexicans who do beautifully the combination of cinnamon and chocolate. Yes, it's a spicy cookie, and you tasted it here first!

Smooth & spicy.

REGGAETON REMEDY (Latino inspired):

This Très Flavoured cookie has a blend of dried mint, real lime zest and dried pineapple. Reggaeton Remedy was inspired by drinking one too many mojitos while living in Cuba. "A mojito meets a piña colada in a cookie," "A party in your mouth;" this one goes by many names. We'll let you decide what you call it.

Fruity & succulent.


SAHARAN HEAT (North African inspired): 

This Très Flavoured cookie contains sweet dates and real lemon zest with a kick of heat from North African spices. Possibly our most exotic of all the flavours, leaving people asking, "But in a cookie?!"

Sweet & bold.

SOUL THYME (Jamaican inspired):

This Très Flavoured cookie blends chewy raisins, a warm and aromatic blend of treasured Jamaican spices, and just a splash of rum extract. Don't mind us while we throw a splash of rum into our mix, it adds just the right amount of sweet!

Warm, aromatic & sweet.

TURK IT (Turkish inspired):

This Très Flavoured cookie contains chewy dried figs, sesame seeds & a hint of citrusy sumac. This one is famous for its intriguing and desirable chewy and crunchy texture. Go FIGure!

Nutty & sweet.