The Cookie Flavours

(These flavours will be available at various times. Check out our store to see what's being baked fresh in our ovens right now!)

 AROYAL DELIGHT *vegan* (Thai inspired):

This Très Flavoured cookie contains a tangy blend of candied tamarind, natural coconut flakes and exotic and bright Thai spices, and uses NO DAIRY OR EGGS. If you don't know what "aroy" means in Thai, google it!

Tangy & sweet. 

GINJA SPICE (Chinese inspired): 

This Très Flavoured cookie is packed with candied ginger, a bold & peppery blend of Chinese spices, and is finished with a hint of real orange zest.

Gingery & bold.

GREEN ZENVY (Japanese inspired): 

This Très Flavoured cookie is created with 100% Japanese organic matcha powder and sweet dried strawberries.

Sweet & smooth.

MIGHTY MAYAN (Mexican inspired):

This Très Flavoured cookie contains a bold blend of Mexican dark chocolate, cinnamon and the heat from cayenne pepper. Yes, it's a spicy cookie.

Smooth & spicy.

REGGAETON REMEDY (Latino inspired):

This Très Flavoured cookie has a blend of dried mint, real lime zest and dried pineapple. 

Fruity & succulent.


SAHARAN HEAT (North African inspired): 

This Très Flavoured cookie contains sweet dates and real lemon zest with a kick of heat from North African spices.

Sweet & bold.

SOUL THYME (Jamaican inspired):

This Très Flavoured cookie blends chewy raisins, a warm and aromatic blend of treasured Jamaican spices, and just a splash of rum extract.

Warm, aromatic & sweet.

TURK IT (Turkish inspired):

This Très Flavoured cookie contains chewy dried figs, sesame seeds & a hint of citrusy sumac.

Nutty & sweet.