About Très Flavoured Cookies

Take a homemade chocolate chip cookie. Forget the chocolate chips. Throw in a bunch of wild and exotic flavours.
That's Très Flavoured Cookies.

tres flavoured cookies world inspired cookie flavours


My name is Natalie Galan and I am the owner and as prefer to consider myself,  the "creative director" of this unique cookie concept. I have created these cookies taking inspiration from my travels to different corners of the world, and my appreciation of flavours and ingredients along the way. I realize how important food is to one's identity and background, and I seek to highlight that through my creations. As well, playing with different spices and flavour combinations keep me creative. These flavours offer you the very best of my baking skills and my creative and artistic talents when opening up my spice cabinet.

I promise you these cookies will give you something different, exotic and delicious to enjoy!

Natalie Galan Owner, Très Flavoured Cookies

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