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The Process

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Here's my comments on what this brand is all about, where it came from and where it's going.

Behind The Name

très (FR): very, highly

flavoured (EN): to add flavour, to give a distinctive quality

This brand is très flavoured. That's about it.

From Cultur'dough Cookies: A History Lesson

circa 2007 : I became obsessed with understanding "flavours" of the world in food, in culture, in people. I spent the next decade or so eating a lot of different foods, visiting different places and watching different people.

February 2018 : Internationally-flavoured cookies came to my mind. I don't know why. I don't know how. For the following months my time was divided between three places: the gym, my kitchen and the spices section of Montreal grocery stores.

May 2018: I created Cultur'dough Cookies when I knew nothing about running a business, where to spend my money, how to build a website, how to price, market and sell a product. All I knew was that I had a unique concept that made use of my skills and talents that might just capture the taste buds and attention of others. I spend over a year shooting in the dark: participating in festivals, sponsoring events and most importantly, listening to people and gathering feedback on my cookies. The feedback was good. Still figuring out the running of this business.

August 2019 : I was ready to make Cultur'dough Cookies more mature as a brand. I wanted to keep selling the same high quality product but with an image that was more indicative of what I was really trying to create. It needed to more clearly represent my ideas and brand.

October 2019: The new brand, Très Flavoured Cookies was born. A brand created with the intention of continuing to celebrate and share diverse flavours in cookies, in life and around the world. 

Très Flavoured Cookies: Flavour Comes In Tres Forms

Flavour is in more than just the food that you eat. Très Flavoured Cookies represent 3 (tres) forms of flavour.

  • Flavour that you taste in our cookies. 
  • Flavour that you live in, day to day. Daily Flavour.
  • Flavour that you are a part of in the world. World Flavour.
    My creativity works to combine the flavour you taste with the flavour that you live in and are a part of. As you spend more time getting to know this brand, I hope you will start to understand and see this concept develop.
    Thanks for taking the time to check this page out.
    It means a lot to me.
    Natalie Galan Owner, Très Flavoured Cookies

    These Cookies Are About YOU!
    Wherever you come from, however you say it,
    these cookies are about YOU! We want to get to know you.
    In order to do so, please send us an message,
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    It would mean a lot!