Très Flavoured: What's In A Name

Hey There,

This is a very important page. Especially for those people who have been graciously supporting this brand from day 1 (this means the world to me, btw). This is where I go into detail about why I decided to rebrand and where the new image and name emerged from. I am someone who searches for meaning and reason in even the simplest things so this naturally came through in my reasoning for rebranding.

The Name:

Many people questioned my changing of the name because they liked the idea of "Cultured Dough." The problem is, it wasn't "Cultured Dough," it was Cultur'dough. Catchier but also more difficult to explain and more difficult for consumers to remember. Now, before you rag on me for caving into consumer's wishes and not sticking to my principles, hear me out. Even for those who claimed they liked the name, couldn't get it right. They would say, "...but I love 'culture dough' or 'cultured dough." Then I had to spend the consequent moments with them trying to make clear that I was trying to be witty by dropping the 'e' and turning the 'd' into the 'd' in dough. Did you follow that? Would you be able to easily find the website? Probably not. At least most people couldn't. Needless to say, the 'witty' moment quickly died. And the problem was that naturally, I wanted this brand to be remembered reach out to as many people as possible. Basically, people understood where the name came from, but they couldn't logistically figure it out. That was more or less the impetus for going back to the notebook to hunt for a new name.

I could have kept a name similar. Maybe just simply change it to Cultured Dough but who wants to eat 'cultured dough' as an indulgent treat, it sounds kinda biotic, no?

In thinking about what really made my cookies unique and different than the others it was about one thing: the flavour. I realized that flavour is what inspired me to create these cookies. I am constantly working to create different flavours of cookies that go beyond chocolate and vanilla. If I wasn't so intentional about creating unique and authentic flavours, I probably wouldn't be here. So in its essence, this brand was about flavour and all that flavour represents in The World.

I also wanted to go beyond the dough and cookies. I wanted to have the name encompass more of the human/ people component of this brand. In some instant, I made the connection of how much power and intensity 'flavour' has in other senses of the word. We describe our days, our social interactions, our experiences, as being 'flavourful.' Often people chose words that are related to flavour to describe other things in life: Want to add some flavour into your day? My relationship lacks flavour.  That salesperson was so sweet. Man, that conversation was pretty spicy! Why is our boss so bitter all the time? Don't get fresh with me! Man, that class was intense. I'm sure you can think of one time recently when you chose a flavourful word to help describe something that happened to you. I recognize how much 'flavour' there is in our everyday lives. It adds to each and everyone's individuality.

Finally, there is this image I have in my head of the world and all of its diversity and when I think of that, the phrase that comes to mind is "world flavour." It's the best way that I can describe diversity and what inspires me in my everyday, in meeting people and hearing their stories. For me, this grand idea of "world flavour" is another essential part of this brand. 

Then, there is the "très". Well to be completely honest, I had started the re-naming with the idea just of "Flavoured Cookies" but as it turned out, something was missing, some sort of uniqueness. I was searching and searching and no, it didn't come in this epiphanic moment. It was sitting on the couch being like, "what the eff is this brand missing?" The only word that seemed to suit and compliment "flavoured" was "très." It is simple, all- encompassing, and very importantly represents something that might be missed otherwise: the importance of the French language and culture of this city that I call home, Montreal. Sure, it may cause some culture clashes. But I can also attest to the fact that it brings with it so much beauty and charm. The mere fact that French has such a big presence is monumental to the city, and to why I am so inspired to be here. It's true that French- English relations sometimes brings sentiments of negativity. I am not here to get too politic because that's not my forté but most could agree that the English-French language differences have a pretty spicy role in Canada's history. If you ask me, I see a lot of beauty that it brings to this city. Look at the diversity that it brings by attracting the French-speaking immigrants who move to Montréal. Individuals from North Africa, West Africa, France, Haiti, etc. are drawn here because of the ease of settling in a place where their native language can be a part of their everyday life.

On a more personal level, the French language represents a challenge and obstacle in my life that I am proud to take on and work to overcome. French is not my first language but the concept of learning a new language has been a humbling challenge that I have been keen to take on for the last many years of my life. I think this feeling of rewarding discomfort is something universal that people seek in life. Whether it's learning a new language, skills, musical instrument, job, etc. we are constantly humbled by challenges in our life, yet when we overcome them, are so much better for it. I am proud to represent this with this new brand and name.

Et Voilà! Now you know the where Très Flavoured comes from. 

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Thanks for taking the time to check this page out. It means a lot to me.
Natalie Galan
Owner, Très Flavoured Cookies